about EBSEFT

Electronic Banking Systems EFT (EBSEFT) is an ACH processor provider that has been involved in electronic payments systems for over 8 years.  business partners for ACH

Our organization services hundreds of companies all over the US and Canada. We provide services to clients of all sizes and many of our clients use a number of services - EFT and check by phone to collect on payments from checking accounts and credit card processing using our virtual terminals to process one time and recurring credit card payments. 

A major base of our business is with collection agencies and check recovery services.  We provide collection agencies with one time and recurring EFT services, RCK or electronic check representment for the collection of face and fee on NSF paper checks, and centralized returns for the electronic return of NSF checks. 

All of these services provide the collection agencies with the tools to increase collections in an expedient and cost effective manner. Electronic Banking Systems EFT  is composed of 2 divisions - the electronic payments division which is EBSEFT and the check by phone or fax division which is Q~Check. Q~Check was started several years ago after we tired of selling check by phone software for other companies. 

We designed and built a better software - Q~Check - and the brand has been a very successful seller in the marketplace because of its ease of use and its reliability.  Evolving technology keeps us in the forefront of ACH developments - we have recently introduced Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) and Point of Sale EFT - two systems that allow for back office conversion of checks to electronic payments.

We have also introduced an Electronic Verification Service that will allow clients to verify check information in real time to determine whether or not they should process a particular check.  Thanks for visiting - if you have any questions please contact us.  

Wally Bruchman

President, EBSEFT