The direct payment of an employee's wages by an employer through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The funds are transferred from the employer account into the employee bank account. The funds are deposited into the employee account for use on payday!


Everybody benefits with direct deposit.  The employer saves time and money by not having
to process the paycheck. The employer also
eliminates the possibility of lost or stolen
checksand there is no more going to the bank
payday hassle.  The employee receives their money directly into their checking or savings account and does not have to make special arrangements when they are away.


We work with a large number of payroll companies and our system offers several major advantages over other systems:

  • You can have as many employer master accounts in the system as you need.
  • The payroll is deducted directly from the employer account and once it clears it is deposited directly into the employee account - no in between accounts to mess with.
  • Deposit into the employee account occurs once the employer funds clear - 3 business days.
  • Once cleared the employee deposit is made overnight.
  • You can easily import into our system using an ASCII file, a NACHA or ACH file (supported by many payroll software packages), and we can import directly into our system from many popular payroll software systems.
  • Full reporting is available in the system on every single file and item that you transmit.