RCK is the changing of a paper NSF check into an 
electronic check and processing it through the Automated
Clearing House (ACH)
to collect on the check – both face
and fee
can be collected with proper authorization.  There
are many advantages to RCK including the fact that there are no bank NSF fees, collection rate of 40-50% and higher.

PC or WEB BASED SYSTEM: Clients use our PC or Web Based software to upload files to our processing center. Check data is entered using a check reader or imager.  Text files can also be used to upload the check data. Once the files are uploaded to us we process them through the ACH.  All collected and cleared funds are transferred into the user’s account.

DETAILED REPORTING: Complete and detailed reporting is provided for every file uploaded. The results detail file is provided on the same day that the funds are transferred.  Bank reconciliation is easy with our system.

CHECK RECOVERY COMPANIES: The largest users of our systems are check collection agencies and check recovery companies.  Check recovery companies also use our web based check representment application which enables them to process all checks online and provide complete reporting to their merchants online.  In addition, we deposit the check face amount into the merchant account and the check fee amount into the check recovery company account.