AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS: Electronic Funds Transfer is the basic funds transfer process around which all other transfer services revolve. EFT is the transferring of funds from one bank savings or checking account to another account.  Our EFT transactions are processed through a major third party processor and all  EFT transactions are sent through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) which is the electronic network to which 95% of the nation's banks belong to - including the Federal Reserve.

COLLECT YOUR PAYMENTS ON TIME:  With EFT there is no more waiting for the payment – you submit the transaction files and your customer’s bank accounts are debited exactly on time.  And you receive complete and detailed reporting on each and every transaction.

ONE TIME OR RECURRING:  The system is designed to enable a business to collect their payments from their office – you can collect one time payments, recurring payments, weekly, monthly – you name it.

TELEPHONE PAYMENTS:  Our clients love to use our telephone payment system.  Just take your customer’s payment information over the phone and submit a debit through our web based system – the funds are take out of the customer’s account the next morning.