verify checks online

EBS now features full service Online Check Verification.  With a few simple clicks of the mouse merchants can now verify checks and make a very good determination if they should deposit a check or not.  Our system is the most advanced check information tool available in the banking system today.

BANK UPLOADED DATA -  the check information is uploaded via the nations banks every single day soit is very fresh information.

85% OF NATION'S CHECKING ACCOUNTS - Over 85% of the nation's checking accounts are accessed via our system.  

ACCESS IN REAL TIME - Using our QVerify software merchants acces the data in real time - upload a check via the software and receive an answer within seconds.

BEST RESPONSES IN THE INDUSTRY - Our system not only suggests check accept or decline but we give you the reason for thedecline and the response is based on real data supplied by the banksystem.

Here are samples of the actual response codes:
WHAT IS NEEDED TO DO VERIFICATIONS - In order to do verifications a customer needs to have a currentQ~Check software license and then simply needs to purchaseverifications.  

HOW TO PURCHASE VERIFICATIONS - Verifications can be purchased in advance and the system tracks thequantity available to use.